The Mundane Snowflake

It’s winter and its cold. Though I do not enjoy -40 degrees Celsius  weather, I do enjoy walking outside when it’s snowing. Not just any snowy weather, but the big flakes and mild weather.  The tickle you feel of having snow fall on your nose or your eyelashes is precious. I was reminded of a reflection from 2011 on a flight to Paris.

I had a window seat. At one point in the journey, I noticed there was frost on the window. I don’t think I had ever paid such close attention to frost before. I saw, on the window, a network of varying intricate designs of snowflakes. No two snowflakes were the same. Each was unique, authentic, and beautiful. It was beautiful because of its simplicity and delicacy. I began to wonder: is it not the same Lord, who made the universe, who made man and woman, who also made snowflakes? I pondered the temporality of snowflakes. They last, but a minute. The minute you touch one, it melts. Or the second it falls to the ground, it becomes part of the snow which everyone steps on. A snowflake becomes merely ‘snow.’ It seems rather foolish that God would design such a temporal creature so intricately and complicated, only to be destroyed by a second.


I am a creature so intricately designed, and complicated (in terms of bodily functions at least). I, too, will be no more at one point in time, just as a snowflake. This awareness leaves me in awe of the God of heaven and earth. How he intended to create that one snowflake different from any other one which ever existed, even though it may not spend that much time on earth! How he intentionally created me, different from any other who have existed! How he decided that I may get to spend a little more time than a snowflake, here on earth!

What a great and noble God.


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