Friends and Companions

A dear friend, Jeremy, published a great blog post titled ” Life without a Best Friend” (which you can find here: ).

This post helped me realize I was at a similar stage in my journey. It is often lonely without a “best friend”. This, however many disadvantages there may have been, has been shown to be an even greater grace in my life.

Growing up, I did not have many friends, so it was something I always wished I “had more” of. When I started university, I met my few dearest friends (either through mutual friends, or my parish St. Mary’s). I learned to treasure these gems; they were so dear to me.

As time went on and as the Lord began drawing me closer to His Sacred Heart, I began realizing that my friends could not satisfy me  the way Christ crucified could. The Lord shed light onto the ways, perhaps unconsciously, I relied on friends rather than the Lord Himself. The Lord has, since, granted me the grace to see my beautiful friends as companions – my brothers and sisters – on this adventure,  this spiritual adventure on this narrow road to the Father’s House. They are the precious souls whom I will travel with, whom I will carry my cross with, whom I will and want to spend eternity with, beholding the Beauty of the Lord of Hosts with all the saints and angels.


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