People Don’t Like People

Public transit. Public transit everyday.


After taking it daily for the past few years, I’ve come to notice a peculiar trend among people who use the system. This has led to the terrible conclusion that people don’t like people.

When I come onto the bus, the first thing I look for is a free spot. This is normal. In the case where there is a spot beside someone, I naturally go sit there.

What I noticed is that, when there is someone seated beside another person, as soon as someone sees that a set of two seats are free, he/she automatically moves away from whomever they were sitting beside, and takes a seat where there is no one.

I could be wrong, but I find it to be rude, as though the person I am seated next to has something wrong with them – enough that I should move away. What is wrong with simply sitting beside someone? What kind of statement, if any, are we trying to make?

If Christ were to walk into an OC Transpo bus (or your local public transit bus), I think He would intentionally sit beside someone rather than looking for the spot furthest away from a human. I think that even if there was only one person on that bus, He would probably go and sit with that person, even if no dialogue was made.

Let’s try to change the way we use public transit, and really treat each other as brothers and sisters.


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