Lent is my favourite liturgical season. This year I bought Bl. JP II’s (soon to be Saint JP II the Great) Biblical Way of the Cross. It is different than the traditional (i.e. St. Alphonsus Liguori version used at most parishes). I prayed it with my family every single Friday of Lent and it proved to be a blessing despite the terrible timings, tiredness, exam/assignment deadlines and everyone’s super busy schedule. I adore my mother’s perseverance in getting the whole family together each week (apart from our daily Family Rosary/Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayertime).

Good Friday, I attended the Way of the Cross through the streets of downtown Ottawa, led by our shepherd, Archbishop Prendergast. I’ve been going to all of them ever since they started, save the very first one. It’s incredible to see people of all ages and various states of life there, following silently behind the Cross.

I attended St. Mary’s, my home parish (when not attending St. Patrick’s Basilica), for Good Friday Mass. It was an incredibly beautiful and solemn Mass. I invited two guys from school, and one stated that it was the most beautiful Mass he’s been to, apart from an Eastern Rite Mass. That was affirming of all the changes our priests were implementing.

Later in the evening, I picked up two of my best friends and we attended a Gregorian Chant concert. When the three of us left, we didn’t utter a word for several minutes – there could not have been a more perfect way to take part in Good Friday. One of my friends suggested to go out for late night tea. So we found a spot that was open and spent a few hours together where our friendships flourished.



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