An abode (1)

Since I started university, there has been only one place which can, now, earn the title of being my (mostly) quiet abode. It is not the library, for there have been several semesters which i have not stepped into the Very large room of books and cubicles. It is not my favourite coffee shop either. Nor is it my usual spot to study on campus – the law building for the most part.

It is a quiet room inside a modern looking french. A small circular room accommodating 5 chairs and 5 kneelers. In the centre of the room is an odd looking tabernacle. Despite the rough patches, I learned to call that place my abode because it was the only place where I could meet my love. It was the only place I could hear my love talk to me in silent whispers ( while at school that is). It was the only place I could feel His embrace and learn to embrace Him back. It was the abode of love, my Love, my Lover, The Lord.


So now that I have completed my Health Sciences degree from the University of Ottawa (pending graduation June 2014), in all, it was the place where I received the strength to keep going these past four years of constant academic struggle.

(Clearly, I have a devotion to Eucharistic Adoration. Adoration is among the top three things I look forward to in Heaven! )


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