He Knows.

Growing up praying the Rosary as a family was not always the easiest thing to do, let alone the most exciting.

In 2008 (approx), I knew the Lord was asking me to iron out the wrinkles of my recitation of the Rosary. (Hitherto, it had become void of meaning and intent). So, the best way to discipline myself was to literally go to the adoration chapel at St. Mary’s, my parish, and kneel and pray the rosary on my own. Every time I felt my mind wandering, I would start from the beginning, even if I was on the fourth or fifth decade. I knew that this was what the Lord wanted, so I didn’t complain. It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever done. It really was a boot camp, a learn-to-pray-the-Rosary boot camp with our Blessed Mother. I continued this at least for one whole year. Since, I’ve been able to fix my focus upon the mysteries while praying it daily with my family.


Within the past year, I’ve been graced with a beautiful friendship, and one particular gift was knowing that this friend was intentionally praying for me through the Rosary. I was recently given the most precious of gifts I had ever received from anybody, from this dear friend – a Rosary, a used one. I cannot deny nor hide what the Lord has done with that. I’ve received a “renewal” and a far more profound appreciation and love for our Lady. Curiously, the Lord knew, even when I didn’t, that I would be praying a Rosary Novena a few months after receiving it, with that very Rosary. Everyday I willingly pray with it and usually have it on me everywhere I go. It is that precious. Throughout it all, He knows what I need at a particular point in time. He knows.

All this to say, spiritual friendships are precious, definitely blessed by the Lord. He uses them to lead us up Mount Carmel by giving us little surprises, in my case, the Rosary given by my dearest friend, meant to direct us towards the Summit, towards the perfection of charity and total surrender.