Be Child-like: A Quick Thought

We never seem to tire of children speaking.

I mean, I babysit every single weekday morning and am usually babysitting at least one weekend per month and YET, my heart still melts when a child utters a sound or word or makes the weirdest possible sound. It never gets old. It’s such a banal topic but deeply profound at the same time.

I get tired of songs, of colours, of the way my room looks, of clothes….the list can go on and on (and on). But no matter how many times a child says “nimnastics” for “gymnastics” or “woo woo” for soother, it simply doesn’t get old, (perhaps annoying for some, but at least for me, it’s not the case).

I’m babysitting as I’m writing this, and it occurred to me that this baby/child talk is the same way we probably appear to God. He delights in “listening” to us (when we pray). It’s probably cute for him to hear us pray because of our ignorance of how to pray (Romans 8:26). The problem with grown ups or big people is that they are too aware of themselves to the point that they become prideful. Sorry, I should correct that. We, not they.

We need to be unashamed to make ourselves look silly or foolish. We need to be child-like.

Scripture often tells us to be child-like (not childish, as one priest made clear), and this means just being like that child you babysat years ago, who is so utterly dependent on you and not so concerned about projecting him/herself to the world. That child just is.



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