Christmas Wreathing

Every year from the first Sunday of Advent on, we start to prepare for Christmas. We put up lights, the tree, the crèche and decorate the house. And every year, I do very little in comparison to the rest of my family, i.e. my dad and Steffy. Although I can be excused due to the busyness of school, I know it’s not really a reason to not help out more than I do. (Christmas is also not my favourite season. I like it, just not my favourite). Every year we hang up the same old dinky Christmas wreath. This year, I wanted to contribute a bit more than usual. My sister Joan and I made a quick trip to Micheal’s and bought some craft material to make our very own Christmas wreath. It’s been a while since I’d made anything so this opportunity was a blessing! There really is something life-giving and freeing in creativity! Here are a few pictures!

This is the wreath before we decorated. Sorry for the blurriness!
The felt we will be making flowers out of.
The ribbons. I don’t usually like glitter and sparkles, but aren’t these just so lovely?
Joan made this bow with a random glitter-y poinsettia flower from some other Christmas decoration.


Christmas Wreath in the making
The finished product! It’s definitely simple, but that’s what we were aiming to do.
Thought I’d include a picture of us as well. Joan, me and Steffy. Or in other words: extrovert, introvert, super-extrovert.

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