The Gaze

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.” –Proverbs 4:25

To gaze is to look steadily and intently, as with great curiosity, interest, pleasure and wonder. (Thank you dictionary).

The idea of gazing at the Lord and being present in the Lord’s gaze has always been so important to me. Because of my love of adoring the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, I’ve often considered it the perfect background on which this gazing upon can be described.

First, the Lord is my lover and I am His beloved, despite my terrible unworthiness. When you love someone, you look at them without any reservation. Not just at them, but into their eyes, and through it, embrace the beloved’s heart and soul. It’s not intimidating. To look into the eye, to be with the beloved. It’s not awkward and makes both persons whole.

In the same way, I fix my gaze upon the Lord present in the Eucharist (well try to at least). One of the first things I do when I settle down for my prayer time is ask for the grace to quiet my mind and emotions so that I would be able to fix my gaze upon the Lord and be able to hear His quiet whisper. There is something so profound in that simple act of gazing on the One who always has His gaze upon us because He is so in love with us. He looks intently at us, with great curiosity, interest, pleasure and wonder. This is how he loves us. He’s the man so in love with his beloved, constantly embracing her and gazing upon her beauty.

Moreover, that perfect gaze is mostly in potency. It, like Aristotle’s concept of virtue and telos, is striving after one ultimate good, the highest good, the Beatific Vision, the eternal gaze upon Beauty so inconceivable.

The least I can do is return that gaze. I am fully aware that my gaze is so imperfect, but I want to learn to fix my gaze upon Him because I was first loved by Him, whom my soul longs and thirsts for, Him whom I so terribly offend through my sins.

Mais, il me regarde. Il me regard avec la tendresse.



4 thoughts on “The Gaze

  1. This speaks straight to my heart. I think of how easy it is to gaze at my husband in adoration, and how I’m drawn to gaze at the Eucharist during the consecration, but imagining being in the full presence of The Lord with him gazing at me and me at him…there is definitely a discomfort there. And I think that says a lot about how how and where I can grow right now spiritually. Thank you for this incredible reflection!

    1. Talk about discomfort of knowing of the infinite distance between us his creation and the Creator! But thanks be to God for His mercy, love and humility to become one of us to close that gap between humanity and God. Thanks be to the eternal grace and gentleness which radiates from Him, which he permits us to gaze upon Him!

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