pray. fast. give alms.

Three pillars, one season.

Prayer, fast and almsgiving.

Prayer, the stem from which fasting and almsgiving shoot out.

Grace, the soil and water in which that  sensitive, fragile entity is grown,

Without which existence is rather an obscure non-existence; a no-thing.

Grown to yield fruit; not to be consumed.

Not of the sort of that first fruit bitten 

Is grown. Grown. 

Not grow, but grow-ed.

A gardener or the like tends to it.

Tending to each minuscule need, the plant never asking.

Never demanding. Never demanded. 

Of the fruit, the fruit of the plant,

Comes to be that which goes forth,

Not returning empty. 

That plant would also not be,

Yes, without grace it could not be written of.

The plant could not also be without the stem and the branches itself. 

A plant divorced from its plant-ness cannot be a plant

Though fools say it is. 

Of the fruit, the fruit of the plant,

Comes to be that which goes forth, 

not returning to it’s Source, empty, nullified. 

Fruit to become that soil for another.

Fruit to become that water for another. 

Fruit to become another plant. 

And so it is that when we fast and give alms. For it cannot be done when done alone; it bears no fruit. Prayer cannot be possible without the Lord’s generous grace, not because we deserve it or have a right to it, but out of His Mercy and Goodness. 

The fruit ought to be born for the non-self. Fasting and almsgiving makes us small, “useless” and only as such can we give of ourselves freely to others, and consequently, to the Lord. In this way, as we become more and more simple, we are better able to carry our Cross behind the Lord in His Passion, so that we might be resurrected, all to Behold the Face of Love Himself for all eternity.