The Bianchi Is OUT

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
This is probably my new favourite picture of Steffy and I (in our backyard).

Although I’m a bit late this year, I finally decided to take my bike out. I got to take a ride around the neighbourhood for the first time since November with my youngest sister Steffy.

It was an unusual ride simply because I have the tendency to a) bike alone, and b) to race against myself to see how fast I can bike, c) ride no shorter than 45 minutes, and none of those tendencies worked out to be realized this afternoon.

Today, I biked in regular clothes, with a purse, with my Sperry’s and no running shoes, and (eek, without a helmet…thank God there weren’t any by-law officers cruising the streets with nothing to do).

I think after today’s short ride, I might enjoy more of these relaxed rides and enjoy riding for leisure and notice the world around me. I don’t see anything wrong with racing down the roads or paths on my vintage road bike, but I need to learn to adjust my preferences for others so that I can share my time with another (in this case, with my sister). I’m sure it meant a lot to her (I mean, I would love it if I had an older sister who allowed me to bike with her), because it definitely meant a lot to me.

Perhaps I shall challenge myself in that area of my life, to share a bit more of my time with others, and not be too glued to my introverted cocoon.

Steffy and I.

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