I started my friendship with Philosophy without knowing her, which I suppose, is just like any other friendship. But the thing is, each time I learn something new, it’s like encountering a beast, a Leviathan, being overcome by a huge ocean wave, swallowed, chewed up and spat back out.

This dreary relationship, this curious friendship overtime has become a peculiar apprenticeship. I started off, like any young person, proud and thinking that I was the one in charge and in lead of the friendship. After all, I am the one who initiated this friendship, right? Right?!

I was wrong.

Ignorance is one thing, and the knowledge of it is completely another. The latter is the key to that tiny door leading to a tolerable apprenticeship with Philosophy.

In her company, I realize how small I am. I realize her Grandeur, like a strong homo sapien, a tempest. She doesn’t intimidate, but as a siren, beckons me to draw near without an unfortunate end.

Knowledge extended past my field of vision, surpassing all my understanding, au-delà of all I thought possible. I, a knowledgeable woman.

She is Wisdom.



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