It was Thursday, September 5th, 2019, and I was walking home late in the evening from Pints and Quarts after working on a manuscript. I was right at Fifth Avenue, in front of the McDonald’s when a young man approached me asking if I had some spare change. He would not have been more than 36 or 37 years. 

I always play it by ear as I pass by someone who is struggling, listening to my intuition which has seldom erred. I’ve had some beautiful experiences in the past, meeting some of the most beautiful human persons. I oscillate between passing by, smiling, or offering to help in some capacity. 

That night, I noticed the man’s eyes. I was gripped. I smiled at him. He was not dressed shaggy, had a backpack which probably had his belongings, with short dirty blond hair, an evening scruff, and medium fit build. 

I asked him if he wanted me to buy something for him from McDonalds. I invited him to join me, but he told me he was not allowed in the restaurant, so I asked him what he wanted and assured him he could have anything he wanted. He asked me if I could get him a smoothie – any kind. 

So I went in, bought a blueberry and pomegranate smoothie, and brought it out for him. He was genuinely so touched. I know this because he offered to pay me back with the little change he had in his hand twice (once before I went in to buy the smoothie, and then again, after). We chit chatted for a bit. 

Before leaving, we stood facing each other silently for a few seconds, I smiled and asked him what his name was. He responded by saying “Terry”. After telling him I was very pleased to have met him, I walked away, knowing I might not ever see the man again in my short life. 

I did leave a bit heavy but also with a deep joy at the opportunity I got to encounter another human person, another mystery. Another imprint has been left on my life because of him. 

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