About the Author

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First bike ride of 2016 before the April Snow Fall.
Christine Mathew. ON.

I am a Health Sciences graduate and a Philosophy graduate from the University of Ottawa. There’s also a MSc in Aging and Health from Queen’s University in the mix. Aside from being a nerd, my Catholic faith is my life and I try to strive for holiness daily despite falling.

I enjoy biking, reading, writing, exploring, antique shops, tea, teacups, archeology, philosophy, theology, health & wellness, cleanliness, wood, poetry, country living, hiking, Gregorian chant, art, hand-written letters, babies, documentaries … and more. 

Apart from listening to polyphony/gregorian chant, I listen to: Gregory Alan Isakov, William Fitzsimmons, Zach Winters Band, Luke Sital-Singh, Joe Zambon, Nathan Ball, Kongos, Matthew and the Atlas, Rhodes, Edouard Lalo, Gabrielle Aplin among others. 

Two people I admire most are Pope Benedict XVI and Michael O’Brien (author of Father Elijah).

My favourite quote: “Lord, you have shown me a spark of your pure and simple love, and it has kindled in me, a flame which devours me” – St. Catherine of Genoa

…Oh, and INFJ, in case that mattered.


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